Aquatennial week, a long walk and a dinner

This was one weekend where we did not have any plans., plans to go out. And we were happy to be home and just relax. Because the last couple of months had been really hectic. But on Friday itself the TV stand we had ordered from Wayfair was delivered. Unassembled!! We had loved the piece at the first short. The reviews said the assembling part is a bit difficult and tricky and the instructions are not elaborate enough, it took them 2-3 days to assemble it together. They also said the final outcome is worth all the effort. So we decided to take the chance. The same day after dinner we started assembling. There were 15 steps in total and we got until step 5 and it was 12 am and Harsha was demanding another cup of coffee already. We called it a night. And Saturday morning we picked it from where we started. It took a good 3-4 hours for assembling and we were very much satisfied and happy that we made this choice. The look it has brought to our living room is all worth it.


Tv and the stand might look a bit off right now but we have a bigger TV getting delivered at the beginning of next month. Yay!!! excited. And that means we are going to watch a lot of sci-fi movies than now. 😛

I could not watch the July 4th Fireworks this time. And I so badly wanted to watch Aquatennial Target Fireworks. It always happens at the Stone Arch Bridge, the place which is very close to my heart. It is almost 1-1.5 miles from my apartment. I love the walk. Because this was the first place Harsha took me when I came here and we had walked to bridge then too. It was really a lovely evening.

So back to the fireworks.Its called Aquatennial fireworks sponsored by  Target. Aquatennial is the official civic celebration of the City of Minneapolis. The Aquatennial features more than two dozen events in four days. It started with the Torch Light Parade on Wednesday the 18th. The best part of it was that the parade went through the front of our building and it was easy for us to watch. We had friends over at home for dinner that day and watched the parade together. It was fun to watch the parade. I hadn’t seen something like this before.

And Fireworks was really magical with all my favorite songs in the background. It is so nice to just enjoy the festivities and see the crowd. It is said that this is one of the top five largest fireworks show in the country and draws around 250,000 spectators to Downtown Minneapolis. We walked back home, even though a couple of friends offered to drop us home. It was a nice walk back home. There was a crowd of people everywhere.

We had Friends coming over for dinner on Sunday. In the morning after breakfast, we went for a good walk of 6 miles. The initial plan was to walk 5 miles, as we got the hang of it we wanted to do more. We love the Cedar Lake Trail that goes through Downtown to Calhoun. This is the trail we usually take while walking, running, biking etc. For one mile or so you need to go through the city and under the highway bridges but after that, it gets very interesting, its very scenic and beautiful. And that’s when we felt like walking more. But we were tired like hell by the time we got back. Luckily I had prepared lunch earlier. :P.I love this app MapMyRun to track my running/walking activity. When I checked last I have completed 125 miles till now. I am aiming to reach at least 200 miles before winter this year.


The menu for the dinner was still conflicting. But finally decided on Pav Bhaji, Butter Chicken and Roti and Rice Kheer. Since it was not a very formal dinner we decided to keep it simple and less. But I still don’t like to make butter chicken very often since it takes up a lot of time and it becomes all messy. Luckily Harsha took charge of making it. Whenever we have friends over he wants to show off his butter chicken making skills. Pav Bhaji came out really well too. Everything was yummy.

This was one productive weekend. how was your weekend?? Is assembling furniture your favourite thing ?








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  1. Superb Dhanya😀 when I saw ur post I was happy … As usual like waiting for ur letters in clg days I will be waiting for ur writings…


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