How I spent my Birthday!​



So I turned 30 last Sunday. I wanted to write this before my birthday itself. Somehow I could n’t. I was kinda anxious. Every time I started writing I couldn’t write beyond few sentences. Things were a little hectic, little confused, I was a kinda homesick too. Many of my friends asked me to write about my India Trip, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I tried a lot but it was so so emotional and it would be very difficult for me to put them down into words.

So my Birthday!!, I am never excited about my birthday. But the beginning of this year itself  I was a little anxious, scared that I am turning 30. The number 30 feels big. You’re no more in your twenties. People look up to you for many things. You need to be more responsible etc.

For some reason, Harsha and I kept my birthday a private affair. We just thought of spending the day just to ourselves. I was treated with a nice Birthday Brunch, There were so many people out and about enjoying the awesome weather and sitting outside all the restaurants. It was a such an amazing feeling that the patio season is back. The Brunch was amazing. We always love exploring different restaurants and different cuisines. The Brunch was followed by visiting one of the lakes (Lake Nakomis), walk around the lake, followed by some wine and an awesome dinner. Oh man!. it was such a gorgeous day to be out. A beautiful Spring day. I wouldn’t have had my birthday any better. He was constantly reminding me, of how many hours left for my birthday to end. Frankly, I was pretty cool about it.


Lake Nakomis – After the Brunch, while we were thinking what to do next, he suggested we would go biking. I wasn’t in a mood for something tiring. Or I hadn’t taken out my bike out of the garage yet. I was a kind of lazy to do all the cleaning and stuff on my birthday. I suggested we visit this Lake, which we had been thinking since last summer. Maybe since it was birthday my suggestion was accepted and within 30 mins we were ready to get to the lake. You already know Minneapolis is called the city of lakes etc etc.There are so many lakes around, when you look at them they look similar and different in their own ways. This lake was huge and has a walking trail around it for almost 3 miles. Whenever we go for walks like this, Harsha and I start connecting more, go into our thoughts, make most of the important decisions. We talk a lot of things from planning our workouts to our careers etc. We talk more when on these kinda of outings than being at home.




I have picked up this book at the Library Unaccustomed Earth by Jhumpa Lahiri. I have always been a slow reader. These days I feel I have become slower. But this book is good, it kinda occupied me from the beginning itself. The stories seem precise and clean that it is easy to turn page after page. Each story explores the spirit of each character and that you can’t help but feel intimate with each character. Though some of the stories/ whole book itself might feel similar to her another Book, Interpreter of maladies, this book is kinda of good leisure read.

I remember last year by this time there were Tulips festivals happening everywhere. And I had managed to click some good pictures at the Loring Park itself. I dunno maybe WInters was longer this year, I did not see Tulips anywhere. But couple days after my birthday, on the way to our run, we spotted these just at the other entrance of the Loring Park. Gorgeous isn’t it ???


And for a long time, I have been wanting to watch Harry Potter series. I had seen a couple movies here and there and had tried reading books too. But had never worked out. Thanks to Amazon prime for bringing the series together. I hope I can watch it even if I am 30.!! Why not right?? I just feel age is just a number. These days I am hearing a lot of stories people achieving things at any age. There is no age limit for anything. You can do anything you want whenever you want. Sometimes I feel I am doing some kinds of stuff, which I would’ve done when I was 9 or 10 years old. Some things because I couldn’t do then and some I still love to do them. I am entering my 30th year with lot more confidence than I was at 28 or 29. Life has taught me enough lessons. I am wiser, smarter now. I have learned Family is everything, Family is what stays with your thick and thins. I have very fewer friends right now compared to 5 years ago. But life goes on. Every day is a new learning. I am ready for whatever tomorrow unfolds.

And Should I write about my India Trip??? How do you like celebrating your birthdays and do you have your own birthday ritual???and If you are above 30 were you anxious too about you turning 30?




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