Lebanon Hills .

Hiking was one among our summer bucket list.We were just planning for it and never worked out.It was the last weekend we decided to give it a try.As beginners we chose a place that’s not very far from Twin Cities.It was hardly a 20 min drive from Minneapolis.We are not morning people.Even though we had planned to go hiking the next day , we woke up late.So it was around 11:30 we started from Home and we had 1-2 stops on the way to make.So finally we arrived at the park by 12.


As we had already read online about the reviews it was pretty straight forward.We just parked the car and while we were heading towards the Visitor center we found a map with all the possible trails and the lakes in the regional park.It was already hot so we decided just to experience something which we should be able to complete within 2-3 hours.We decided to go around Jensen lake , O’Brien lakes.We took the Voyageur Trail.it was one of the best experiences of life.Going into the woods , away from the crowd, away from the city, away from wifi, away from all the tensions.Its just you and the nature that does the talking.There were so many  hidden lakes on the way , small ones still beautiful.There were so many that I don’t remember the names of all.We were hoping to encounter some snakes, but we didn’t .It was such a pleasant day and a wonderful hike.Just that in-between the hike we got so hungry and started looking for a picnic spot to sit and eat the snacks we had carried along.It took us almost an hour before we found one.Having food in the middle of nowhere was one of the memorable experience for me.It was like we could stay there as long as possible.


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