We are all different

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I always wonder  how a person is different from the other.There are so many why’s and How’s that are unanswered.Looks is one thing to differentiate and then there is character and also we cannot ignore knowledge.There are so many social factors that affects the personality.You might call it bad family, good family , good and bad upbringings.There is high chance that Hereditary factors that accounts for almost everything. For intelligence, for personality, for how happy you are, for how religious you are, for your political orientation, there is high Hereditary factor playing its role. There’s a high effect of genes for just about everything.I think we can go on listing stuffs like that.Its a vast topic to discuss.Its human psychology.There are extroverts,introverts, good ,bad,smart ,dull,tall , short etc.Some things that happen on a daily basis made me think on these stuffs.It could be an argument or a discussion with someone I know closely.It so feels that why cant one agree on the same thing as me .It could be Vice-versa.The other person might also feel the same.

The difference starts with one’s birth.A person is differentiated based on gender.And then on the basis of physical appearances, height,weight,color,skin etc. The way they feel about things, react to different situations, what makes them do what they do and how they relate to other people, all of which are far more difficult to measure .How the same things are different with different people,how people can have different opinions on the same matter.I don’t know if its God’s magic , how different kind of personalities are built into people.Siblings , husband and wife, friends none of them are like each other.But still they get along , share a lot of things , make things work together, laugh together, cry together, work together.

There are two things based on which a person differ from one another. One is personality. The other is intelligence. One way we can define a  personality is in terms of people’s style with dealing with  the world and particularly their style dealing with  other people. So, if you think of a simple character that you know of and you can say  about that person’s personality. You could talk about it in terms of being impulsive, irresponsible, sometimes lazy, good-hearted. You could compare that person’s personality with other people’s personalities who is  wonderful, who is  responsible and reliable and very kind . And so, this difference is a difference in personality.
Then there is one more thing to consider when we talk about personalities. We’re talking about a stable trait across situations and time. So, if all of a sudden the person next to you kind of smacks you in the head, you might be angry but we wouldn’t call that a “personality” because that’s something that happened as  a result of a situation. We all feel that way in that situation. It can be called  “personality” if you walk around all the time angry. That’d be a stable trait. That’d be something you carry around with you and that’s what is personality.

The second big difference is intelligence. Its difficult to define  intelligence.There’s no easy definition.  Things like memory, mental speed, language, math, mental speed again, knowledge, and creativity also as hallmarks for intelligence. Then there is no particular measure of intelligence.You might think of a friend/classmate/colleague who you think of is of very high intelligence , a wonderful fellow but he ‘s probably not as smart as Albert Einstein, who was really , really smart.And then there are people who are particularly stupid.So we have a range here .And its important to figure out how to characterize it.I have a feeling that there are some people who are smart and other people who are very smart and some people who are dumb and others who are very dumb.

I believe that  being different from one another makes us special.It makes us  unique.It makes life beautiful and fun.Life would be so boring if everyone looked same and acted same.

“We are all, each and every one, unique in the Universe. And that uniqueness is what makes us valuable.”    -James A Owen


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