Snow Kissed


Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

6176645808_IMG_0842 (1)


It is almost the end  of March, and I sit here waiting for Spring to begin.Winters seem endless here.When I almost thought the winters are over, it snowed again yesterday.It is been almost 6 months in Minnesota , if you ask me “how was winters”, I have mixed opinions.Whenever I told people I am going to live in Minnesota, It always started with a raised eyebrow, “winters are horrible there ” .And they are completely true, Minnesota ranked first for its miserable winters in US.


First of all , in my personal opinion Minnesota is one of the nicest place to live.I find it beautiful,, sophisticated, comfortable to be in, clean. I love that we have such an amazing park system with the beautiful lakes.They don’t call it the Land Of Lakes(Land Of 10000 Lakes to be precise) for Nothing.  There’s tons of sports, both professional and just stuff to do, year round. People don’t just sit inside all winter, they get out every day and walk or skate or ski or go ice fishing (hehehe) They  love being active! . Fresh air.I love that people here bike everywhere and go to the theater and are of all different ethnicity. I love that it’s jam pack full of churches.

It may sound silly, but when you take into account places like the  Minnehaha Falls, or really any of many lakes, rivers,  coupled with extreme temperatures, you start to see ice do some pretty crazy things, which is always worth checking out.Because it was my first snowfall experience ,I always used to wait for a chance to get out of the house and take a walk.I have clicked a lot of pictures of the park, the frozen lakes,the ducks, the squirrels, the frozen falls, the neighborhood.



So. What everyone wants to know is: “What’s it like living in THE COLD???” Well I am going to tell you the secret about living here. Its this,It isn’t cold if you’re not outside in it. That’s right. When you’re inside, it’s always 70 degrees. Yes, it might be brutal outdoors, but when it is, it isn’t like you go walking around outside in it with no clothes on. You’re happy being cozy inside, sitting on the couch with a quilt and a mug of tea, calling all your family and friends bragging about how cold it is in here(Ohhhh! It’s below -15! its white everywhere!! ) .Nowadays Mom changes the topic whenever I start about the cold here.LOL The entire downtown area is connected by indoor sky ways, so you never even have to breathe a cold air if you’re in downtown. If you’re not in an area with sky ways? The worst you have can to do is run from your door to the car and from the car to the door of the offices/shopping center etc. That’s  like 30 seconds. When you have a coat & gloves on, You’ll make it!!


It is necessary to get a proper winter gear and enjoy it.Everyone else  here does .Plus, it’s really pretty! Fresh fallen snow is the most gorgeous thing ever.I was really excited about snow thing.It snows from like October till May.Just when we were thinking spring came early this year , it snowed just yesterday.And its so beautiful everywhere again.The best thing is they clear the roads immediately every time  there’s a snow storm.



Summer is coming…..because I have heard Summer at Minnesota is nothing but beautiful.

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