Why I feel FB isn’t just a Social Network Anymore

Its almost a decade on Facebook now.I am not writing this to celebrate this .I have just put down some points here to tell how Facebook isn’t just a social network anymore.Gone are the days when we just used it to connect with Friends and Family.Facebook was a happy place. Friends shared  photos them,cute photos of their kids or their pets. People wrote witty little observations or mini-stories in 100 words or less. Occasionally, someone would ask for a restaurant recommendation. Maybe they would explain why they liked a certain movie or song. The response among friends would be instantaneous and usually thoughtful. Unlike Twitter, Facebook was truly interactive. Reactions and conversations fueled Facebook’s growing appeal.The network now has grown so big that the list of friends also have increased.Though Facebook says you can choose who can see your posts through privacy settings, people mostly doesnt do that.So if you’re sharing personal , You’re mostly sharing it with the World.


Even before it was the title of a movie , the phrase “social network” was synonymous with Facebook.People are using Facebook as much as ever.I read in an article recently that there are 1.6 billion active users.Its just that very few of those people are using it to actually socialize.It is said that Facebook has seen a decline in original sharing posts by people about themselves and their personal lives, as opposed to articles and videos they’re sharing elsewhere on the web.I literally have to search through all the spam on  the wall for some original posts from people.

So if you think what has the Facebook app and site become , if not a social network ,the answer is obvious when you see how people use it.It has become a personalized portal to the online world.Most people say they use it for news, but also for entertainment , games , and yes , updates from friends and family.Whats is the point of social network where everyone’s afraid to socialize??

Many of its users now mostly engage with articles , photos and videos produced elsewhere,there are still a vast number of people who use the site to socialize.

Reasons why I feel FB is annoying:

#1 I am done seeing those cute things babies do, the dancing, the stunts etc.I don’t understand why do people even share them.I understand they’re cute .so what ?It is meaningful and understand if you post something your baby did, pictures of your babies etc.

#2 We have read confessions from all kinds of girls(introvert, extrovert, adventurous, shy, shopaholic and what not ).

#3 All the home remedies , Ayurveda medicines tried and Happy.In fact I have seen Cancer treatment also here.If these remedies kill those deadly diseases why there is been such great researchers are engaged in finding a medicine.

#4 I follow a Celebrity page today and tomorrow morning my news feed is full of their updates.I am a fan. I surely do not want to see what they’re eating for breakfast.

#5 The most funniest things are “1 Share = 1 respect ” kinda stuffs.Oh my God, if sharing a post like  that gives respect , probably life would be completely different today.

#6 There was this post with a beautiful bride which said “Tag a 2017 bride”.I was like , OK I tagged , so what next ??? Are you gonna get her married ??  What if  the bride may not want to show the World yet that she is getting married.

#7 I am scared of Snakes. Some days I wake up seeing pictures of snakes and videos of catching them etc.I understand we believe Snake as a God but I am scared, and there are many just like me who do not want to see such things.Share a video if you catch a snake or your friend does it?We would be happy to see that.

#8 It is amazing how there is a page for for Gods.And sharing a picture of a God changes the luck of the people.I also want to know how lucky these people have been after sharing that one pic.I believe in God.I do not want to show off that on a social media.

#9 I am done with 5 min cooking recipes , 10 mins recipes, 1 min crafts , 5 minutes make up tutorials etc.The fact is however you try the outcome is not the way it is shown.And also I think the daughters day came twice or thrice last year.The Sisters and Brothers day keep happening once a week.LOL.I also know how many people on my friend list has a best sister and a best brother :-P.

#10 Advertising.Oh yes how can I forget that ?? I used to wonder how the things I search on Amazon or Flip cart used to appear on my Facebook wall.I seriously do not want buy stuffs on FB and it seems like there are increasingly more ads every day.  Am I the only one who notices that?



I’m not the type to leave a notification unchecked. Most of the time, it is nothing, Candy Crush  requests from my friend’s mom or some birthday calendar thing. My news feed has become a political propaganda vehicle for people who don’t know anything about politics, and worse, a platform for butchered memes(They were fun initially , but not now).. Facebook is making me really, really annoyed. I thought about drastically cutting my friends list and updating my privacy settings, but I knew that wouldn’t work for me.The only thought that comes to my mind ” It is time to go“.It  has become an annoying obligation that I just can’t seem to run away from.

Although I have tried to deactivate my account several times, I always come crawling back, mostly because I convince myself that I am “missing out” on something. Without FB, I feel cut off from the world.

I am not trying  to offend anyone personally here.This is all how i feel about whats happening on Facebook in the name of Social media.I am sure and I can see Facebook is trying its best in bringing new features.They have experimented with new language to prompt more personal status updates. They’ve added a new reactions beyond the like button to encourage people to share and react to posts that express sadness or happiness.The Memories part is super awesome, it reminds you everyday of all the stupid things you did 6-7 years ago.Facebook live video is one spontaneous way to connect with people.

A whole new article can be written of how people are addicted , about FOMO  etc. But let me not get there now.And Some research says Facebook may decrease loneliness when used to keep up to date and keep in touch with others

Still in the age of Snap chat, Instagram, and Whats app it’s safe to say Facebook is no longer the social network .You can add an algorithm to show people better news stories, better reflect their tastes , or even make them happy or sad , But there’s nothing you can do to restore that trust.



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