Coffee Love

So it always starts like this.When someone asks me where I am from .I first try to tell I am from Coorg .The next thing they would ask is “Ohhhhh Cooooooooorg?? very nice place yaar..its a hill station na ??”then I nodd a yes.I am from Coorg but I am not a Coorgi.(All thanks to Sharukh Khan, for helping me frame this statement).Then the next question would be “Coorg is famous for Coffee na?? Do you own a Coffee plantation” etc.And to all the questions  my answer is a Yes.And my sincere apologies to the all of them whom I had promised to get Coffee Powder from Home. 😛

For us Coffee is not just a drink(beverage) its an emotion.Most of the planters livelihood depends on it.There is a local saying that the planter of Coorg Coffee not only puts not only puts his hard work but also his his entire life into the growing of the crop.
Coorg is one of the best places for Coffee lovers , and best known for its lush green coffee plantations.

Do you like coffee? Are you a coffee love?A large amount of people are obssessed about coffee because of its rich aroma,whatever reason they have, it is believed that they have been already addicted to coffee, not able to get rid of coffee.
The Mornings at home starts with a freshly brewed Coffee.That is the one good reason to get out of the bed in the morning. The guests never leaves the house without a cup of Coffee.I guess that has come along with the culture and it has become a tradition.And I am an avid Coffee drinker.Not sure if this has to do something being born in a Coffee country.



No offense to Tea lovers, I don’t know why always , in hostels, they provide only Tea.
Thanks to all those Coffee shops near by for helping me not miss Coffee.After breakfast, lunch and dinner Coffee is a must.Whenever I am at a restaurant, the first thing to look at the menu is if we get Coffee there and sometimes I make sure they provide Coffee.
I have observed some restaurants they just put it up on the menu and if I ask they would say No.I feel weird sometimes when all others with me will be having some soda
or cool drinks or mock tails and I will be asking for a Coffee.But then it doesnt matter.

Be it any time of the day,Coffee does the magic.Having a headache and Coffee is the cure.
Feeling Low ?? Coffee helps you out.It acts a stress reliever. Coffee has been clinically proven to reduce stress, and even helps fight depression.

When it comes to drinking coffee there is no middle ground. You aren’t just kind of a coffee drinker. You either are or you aren’t. And if you are, chances are you’re pretty intense about it. Because it’s really easy to go from drinking your first cup of coffee ever
to not being able to function at all without one.

Coffee is like that. Once it gets into your life, it completely takes over.
We could blame the caffeine, but it isn’t just that. For true coffee fiends,
it is and always will be about the coffee. Whether it’s iced, gourmet, or just black. It’s coffee, and that’s good enough for us. If any of this is ringing true to you, chances are that your relationship with coffee runs deep.

I think people love drinking coffee for various reasons the top two of which would be the energy boost and the taste. It also has a social element to it. For example, do you want to catch up with a friend or a colleague during the day?The best thing I like about Office are the Coffee breaks.Most gossips happen at the Coffee table.I feel that is where the colleagues turn into friends.Going for coffee gives you something to do while chatting and takes away any excess formality or nervousness I find.the conversation that occurs around the tables are of great joy.  It covers a ride range of topics with various levels of seriousness.  Some days the conversations are mainly humorous in nature with a lot of laughter around the tables.  Other days take on a more serious tone as topic will be  local concerns, national issues, and Politics.  Still on other days, it is a mixture of both

Taking someone you’re interested to dinner for the first time is scary as all hell.
You’re nervous, unsure of yourself, unsure of what to say, what to wear, what to order.
You’re unsure of everything.And If you are not down for dinner, there is always a local Coffee shop Instead.

There may be many reasons to drink coffee but to enjoy it there are only 2 reasons.

First one, it’s because you love spending time with your loved one’s whom you can meet only at coffee time or may be they prefer coffee because of which you might get used to coffee .

Second one , impression created by movies for example asking your crush for a coffee date (doesn’t mean that you love coffee ).Another scene is having coffee in special “mug” with a pleasant background light creating a good feel which eventually leads to happiness.

I am sure have heard a lot of business meetings also happen at the Coffee shops.Cafe Coffee Day doesn’t simply have its tag line. “A lot can happen over a Cup Of Coffee”.I am sure a lot can Happen.You can find a friend, sign a business deal,Find your love of Life .

It is sometimes a best idea to sit alone in a Coffee shop with a book to read.


It sure has some health benefits.It energizes us.It helps us boost ourselves for everyday work.It keeps the brain healthy.It sure is a great source of antioxidants.

There were times when I become all health conscious and switched green tea, lemon tea etc.But those were the worst 24 hours of my life.The taste , the smell of the Coffee does all the magic and out stands all other drinks.

“Enjoying”coffee is something I passed a long ago.For me Coffee is an obsession now.



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