Yellow – The Happy Color

via Daily Prompt: Yellow Wow!! This is amazing , to write about one of most favourite color.I think the color yellow is refreshing,it creates enthusiasm  for life and help gain confidence.The color of the most amazing things on earth sunset or sunset is Yellow. Mostly yellow is the color of sunflowers and daffodils, egg yolks, … Continue reading Yellow – The Happy Color

Coffee Love

So it always starts like this.When someone asks me where I am from .I first try to tell I am from Coorg .The next thing they would ask is “Ohhhhh Cooooooooorg?? very nice place yaar..its a hill station na ??”then I nodd a yes.I am from Coorg but I am not a Coorgi.(All thanks to … Continue reading Coffee Love

Small Town Girl

I read in an article recently that  geographies should not define your personality.Being a small town (Country) Girl I would say the fear of being small town has stopped me or made me think twice before doing certain things.I love my hometown and I proudly say I am a small town girl.But there are few things … Continue reading Small Town Girl